26.1759, Qs: Languages with Split/Separable Words

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Subject: 26.1759, Qs: Languages with Split/Separable Words

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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:30:49
From: Xiaopeng Bai [pakstreet at gmail.com]
Subject: Languages with Split/Separable Words

Dear fellow scholars:

I am looking for languages with split/separable words. A separable word can be
separated with some insertions in certain contexts and remain the meaning as
its origin form. A typical language with such words is Chinese, for example,
the verb ''Shui-jiao (睡觉)/sleep'' could have aspect mark and numeral as
Shui le yi Jiao / slept a while
where ''le'' is aspect mark and ''yi'' is numeral.

I know German, Dutch and Hungary also has separable words. Like the German
word ''ankommen'' can be used as:
Sie Kommt sofort An.

The difference is, German separable verb is composed of a lexical core (stem)
and a separable particle while Chinese separable verb could be composed of
morphemes with contents.

I would be grateful if you can enlighten me on the issue with any suggestions,
discussions, or especially recommendations for articles.

Thank you.

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

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