26.1889, Historical Linguistics: Editor Erin's Favorite Tree

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Subject: 26.1889, Historical Linguistics: Editor Erin's Favorite Tree

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 23:57:19
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Subject: Historical Linguistics: Editor Erin's Favorite Tree

 Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

One of the first classes I took as a Linguistics major was a class called “Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics,” and in this class, we learned about different ways in which languages change and the reconstruction of
languages. For me, this tree represents so much of what I learned in that class — how languages can divide and change, but that there are things which can make so many languages relatable to one another. As an undergraduate, this was some sort of magic, or a really fun game, seeing how languages could change and then applying what I learned about language change to my language-learning endeavors. (“Well, if this root changed to that in Language
X, it probably changed to this in Language Y!”) How exciting and fascinating it was to have a whole new way of looking at words, seeing the interconnectedness of so many languages.

To learn more about my favorite linguistic tree, please visit: http://blog.linguistlist.org/uncategorized/historical-linguistics-editor-erins-favorite-tree/

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All the best,
Erin Arnold
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