26.1947, TOC: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20/1 (2015)

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Subject: 26.1947, TOC: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20/1 (2015)

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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 10:29:13
From: Karin Plijnaar [karin.plijnaar at benjamins.nl]
Subject: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics Vol. 20, No. 1 (2015)

Publisher:	John Benjamins
Journal Title:  International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 
Volume Number:  20 
Issue Number:  1 
Issue Date:  2015 

Main Text:  

2015. iii, 137 pp.

Table of Contents


Publication type and discipline variation in published academic writing:
Investigating statistical interaction in corpus data
Jesse Egbert 
1 – 29

Evaluating reliability in quantitative vocabulary studies: The influence of
corpus design and composition
Don Miller and Douglas Biber 
30 – 53

The corpus-based identification of cross-lectal synonyms in pluricentric
Yves Peirsman, Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman 
54 – 80

Automatic analysis of thematic structure in written English
Kwanghyun Park and Xiaofei Lu 
81 – 101

Gloss annotations in the Swedish Sign Language Corpus
Johanna Mesch and Lars Wallin 
102 – 120

Book reviews

Gatto, M. 2014. Web as Corpus. Theory and Practice
Reviewed by Maria Freddi
121 – 128

Hoover, D. L., Culpeper, J., & O’Halloran, K. 2014. Digital Literary Studies.
Corpus Approaches to Poetry, Prose, and Drama.
Reviewed by Rocío Montoro 
129 – 137

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Dutch (nld)
                     English (eng)
                     German (deu)
                     Swedish (swe)
                     Swedish Sign Language (swl)

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