26.1948, TOC: Diachronica 32/1 (2015)

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Subject: 26.1948, TOC: Diachronica 32/1 (2015)

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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 10:29:48
From: Karin Plijnaar [karin.plijnaar at benjamins.nl]
Subject: Diachronica Vol. 32, No. 1 (2015)

Publisher:	John Benjamins
Journal Title:  Diachronica 
Volume Number:  32 
Issue Number:  1 
Issue Date:  2015 

Main Text:  

2015. iii, 138 pp.

Table of Contents

Articles / Aufsätze

D-possessives and the origins of Moroccan Arabic
Jeffrey Heath 
1 – 33

Competing modals: Beyond (inter)subjectification
Jan Nuyts and Pieter Byloo 
34 – 68

Where do all the motion verbs come from?: The speed of development of manner
verbs and path verbs in Indo-European
Annemarie Verkerk 
69 – 104

Miscellanea: Notes/Notizen — Discussion/Diskussion

The bilabial trills in Port Sandwich (Vanuatu) in 1774
Kenneth S. Olson 
105 – 114

Reviews / Comptes rendus / Besprechungen

Analogy and morphological change (Edinburgh Historical Linguistics). By David
Reviewed by Henning Andersen 
115 – 120

Linguistics and archaeology in the Americas: The historicization of language
and society (Brill’s Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas 2).
Edited by Eithne B. Carlin & Simon van de Kerke
Reviewed by Patience Epps 
121 – 130

A dictionary of Tocharian B: Revised and greatly enlarged (Leiden Studies in
Indo-European 10). By Douglas Q. Adams
Reviewed by Michaël Peyrot 
131 – 138

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Moroccan (ary)
                     Dutch (nld)
                     Latin (lat)

Language Family(ies): Berber

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