26.1968, Fund Drive 2015: North America and Europe Lead Region Challenge

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Subject: 26.1968, Fund Drive 2015: North America and Europe Lead Region Challenge

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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:05:34
From: LINGUIST List [linguist at linguistlist.org]
Subject: Fund Drive 2015: North America and Europe Lead Region Challenge

 Dear Fellow Linguists, 

We are on our way to hitting the $35,000 mark soon! Will you help us reach that number today by donating? We NEED to reach our $79,000 goal soon. 


As a reminder, we have several donation benefits you can enjoy no matter how much you donate. Along with supporting LINGUIST, you can use your donation to help your university, business, subfield, country, or region in our

In our Subfield Challenge, the five ten rank as follows: 

1. Computational Linguistics ($6,860) 
2. Syntax ($4,021) 
3. Sociolinguistics ($3,178) 
4. Phonology ($2,539) 
5. Historical Linguistics ($1,805) 

Syntax and phonology were the previous frontrunners in the first few weeks of Fund Drive, but computational linguistics and sociolinguistics have clearly made major efforts! Will the other subfields fight back for the lead in Week
6? Congratulations to syntax for hitting the $4,000 mark today! 

Please visit http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/subfield/ for a full list! 

In our University Challenge, the top five rank as follows: 

1. Indiana University Bloomington ($2,150) 
2. University of Washington ($1,910) 
3. Stanford University ($1,065) 
4. North-West University, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle Campuses, South Africa ($820) 
5. University of South Carolina ($740) 

Indiana University Bloomington has ranked first throughout the Fund Drive, the University of Washington is so close to taking that spot—so close! 

Today we received donations from St. Andrew's University, California State University, Fullerton, Tel-Aviv University, Departmen of Languages and Literatures, University of Innbruck, University of Toronto, University of Illinois, and Holy Family University! Nice! 

Please visit http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/university/ for a full list! 

Check out the results of our Business Challenge: 

1. Google, Inc ($4,000) 
2. Microsoft Natural Language Group ($200) 
3. IBM Watson ($150)

Thank you IBM Watson for your recent donation! We look forward to this list growing! 

In our Region Challenge, North America leads with 240 individual donors, 226 of those from the USA. We know LINGUIST List is used all over the world, and ask for help from those all over the world! Help your region and country get to the top! 

Please visit http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/region/ and http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/country/ for full lists! 

To make a donation and help your subfield, university, business, region, or country win, please visit http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/donate/. 

Thank you all for your support, and we wish you all a wonderful week! 

The LINGUIST List Team

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