26.2102, FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Global Academic Publishing

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Subject: 26.2102, FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Global Academic Publishing

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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:27:00
From: Mary Jane Curry [mjcurry at warner.rochester.edu]
Subject: Call for Book Chapters: Global Academic Publishing

 The status of English as a dominant language of scholarly publishing in many global locations and academic disciplines continues to grow. Many scholars around the world are coming under increasing pressure not only to publish, but to publish in English and in high-status indexed journals (which predominantly use English). More research in this broad area of global publishing is needed, not least because of the significant increase in academic evaluation systems which are centrally based on publications and which are shaping knowledge production practices in profound ways. We invite proposals for chapters of up to 6,000 words to be included in one of these sections: Global Publishing Policy; the Global Practices of Publication; and Pedagogies for Writing for Global Publication. 

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals which focus on:

- the current publishing situations under-researched geo-linguistic areas including Africa and Latin America
- publishing policies around the globe, especially those promoting and rewarding publishing in journals included in ISI/Thomson Reuters indexes 
- the rise of the open access movement and mandates and the “green road” or self-archiving to scientific publishing
- supporting scholars’ interests in maintaining scholarly publishing in their local languages 
- the growing number of English-medium journals published outside of dominant Anglophone contexts 
- pressures for postgraduate students to publish in English as well as in local, regional and other languages
- the impact of the dominance of English on the sustainability of local knowledges—and how different knowledges are being produced in languages other than English

750-1000 word proposals that detail the proposed chapter’s research base, main argument, theoretical framework and research methodology should be submitted by June 1, 2015 to Mary Jane Curry (mjcurry at warner.rochester.edu). 

We anticipate following the schedule:

- July 1, 2015: evaluation of abstracts completed and authors invited to develop full chapters
- December 1, 2015: chapter drafts due in the first instance for internal peer review by other contributors to the book
- March 1, 2016: feedback from peer reviewers and book editors to authors
- April 15, 2016: revised chapters due to editors
- May 15, 2016: final selection of book chapters to be made, final revisions requested
- June 1, 2016: final revisions due to editors
- July 1, 2016: delivery of full manuscript to Multilingual Matters

We expect that contributors will be willing to engage in peer review of one paper to be included in the book. Authors are responsible for getting publisher permission for any copyrighted material used in their chapters, and for delivering a manuscript with complete references, tables, etc.
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