26.2191, TOC: Journal of Semantics 32/2 (2015)

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Subject: 26.2191, TOC: Journal of Semantics 32/2 (2015)

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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 17:20:18
From: Carolyn Napolitano [Carolyn.Napolitano at oup.com]
Subject: Journal of Semantics Vol. 32, No. 2 (2015)

Publisher:	Oxford University Press
Journal Title:  Journal of Semantics 
Volume Number:  32 
Issue Number:  2 
Issue Date:  2015 

Main Text:  

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Articles in this issue:

The Presuppositions of Soft Triggers are Obligatory Scalar Implicatures
by Jacopo Romoli

Q-Adjectives and the Semantics of Quantity
by Stephanie Solt

Three Ways to Avoid Commitments: Declarative Force Modifiers in the
Conversational Scoreboard
by Sophia A. Malamud and Tamina Stephenson

Read now at http://www.oxfordjournals.org/page/6357/2

Linguistic Field(s): Pragmatics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

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