26.2233, TOC: Cognitive Linguistic Studies 1/2 (2014)

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Subject: 26.2233, TOC: Cognitive Linguistic Studies 1/2 (2014)

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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 10:42:08
From: Karin Plijnaar [karin.plijnaar at benjamins.nl]
Subject: Cognitive Linguistic Studies Vol. 1, No. 2 (2014)

Publisher:	John Benjamins
Journal Title:  Cognitive Linguistic Studies 
Volume Number:  1 
Issue Number:  2 
Issue Date:  2014 

Main Text:  

2014. iii, 174 pp.

Table of Contents


Cognitive Linguistics: Retrospect and prospect
Xu Wen, Kun Yang and Fangtao Kuang 
155 – 170

Scandinavian pancake constructions as a family of constructions
Tor Arne Haugen and Hans-Olav Enger 
171 – 196

Where do they come from?: The origin of cleft sentences and related problems
in Mandarin Chinese
Heyou Zhang 
197 – 217

A Cognitive Grammar approach to the SLocPAdjC in Mandarin Chinese
Keding Zhang 
218 – 235

A corpus-based diachronic investigation of metaphorical containers of sadness
in English
Yan Ding and Dirk Noël 
236 – 251

Metaphorical eternity in action: The nonlinguistic realization of death
metaphors in Iranian culture
Mohsen Bakhtiar 
252 – 270

Temporal prepositions explained: Cross-linguistic analysis of English and
Swedish unit of time landmarks
Marlene Johansson Falck 
271 – 288

Subclasses of Chinese noun phrases and the parallel occurrence of de 的
Yuanjie Wang 
289 – 312

Formant frequency characteristics in Palestinian Arabic-speaking aphasics
Hisham Adam 
313 – 328

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                     Historical Linguistics
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Arabic, South Levantine (ajp)
                     Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)
                     English (eng)
                     Swedish (swe)

Language Family(ies): East Scandinavian
                      West Scandinavian 

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