27.5005, FYI: Papers in Historical Phonology Launched

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Subject: 27.5005, FYI: Papers in Historical Phonology Launched

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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:59:20
From: Pavel Iosad [pavel.iosad at ed.ac.uk]
Subject: Papers in Historical Phonology Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Papers in Historical Phonology’
(PiHPh). PiHPh aims to provide a platform for all work which connects the
sound systems of languages with the past in any way, combining insights from
theoretical phonology, phonetics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, philology,
language acquisition, and, no doubt, other areas. PiHPh is online only, open
access, completely free to publish in, and committed to a fast turn around of

PiHPh's website is here:


PiHPh has pre-publication scrutiny by the editorial and/or advisory board and
post-publication review. We therefore encourage all readers to comment on
papers, and authors to respond to comments. 

An explanation of the review and publication process is here: 


PiHPh is launching with 15 papers which have been submitted by authors who
have heard of the project through a range of means, including the Edinburgh
Symposium on Historical Phonology. It also has a preface which sets out
PiHPh's aims. The current volume is available here:


PiHPh operates on a rolling publication basis - each year has one volume and
each paper is published in the current year's volume as soon as it is cleared
for publication. We therefore welcome submissions, and comments, at any time.

PiHPh has an editorial team based at Edinburgh and an advisory board featuring
expertise from around the world:


Julian Bradfield, University of Edinburgh
Josef Fruehwald, University of Edinburgh
Patrick Honeybone, University of Edinburgh
Pavel Iosad, University of Edinburgh
Benjamin Molineaux, University of Edinburgh
Michael Ramsammy, University of Edinburgh

Advisory Board:

Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, University of Manchester
David Bowie, University of Alaska–Anchorage
András Cser, Pázmány Péter Catholic University
B. Elan Dresher, University of Toronto
D. Eric Holt, University of South Carolina
José Ignacio Hualde, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Larry Hyman, University of California, Berkeley
James Kirby, University of Edinburgh
Björn Köhnlein, Ohio State University
Martin Joachim Kümmel, University of Jena
Aditi Lahiri, University of Oxford
Roger Lass, University of Cape Town & University of Edinburgh
Laurel Mackenzie, New York University
Robert Mailhammer, University of Western Sydney
Donka Minkova, University of California, Los Angeles
Betty S. Phillips, Indiana State University
Martha Ratliff, Wayne State University
Nikolaus Ritt, University of Vienna
Joseph C. Salmons, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Tobias Scheer, University of Nice
Ranjan Sen, University of Sheffield
Meredith Tamminga, University of Pennsylvania
Danielle Turton, Newcastle University
Andrew Wedel, University of Arizona

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics



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