27.5206, Calls: 15th Annual Conference of the French Phonology Network

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Subject: 27.5206, Calls: 15th Annual Conference of the French Phonology Network

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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 13:54:14
From: Nathalie Vallée [nathalie.vallee at gipsa-lab.fr]
Subject: Phonology/France

Full Title: 15th Annual Conference of the French Phonology Network 
Short Title: RFP2017 

Date: 05-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017
Location: Grenoble, France 
Contact Person: Nathalie Vallée
Meeting Email: RFP-2017 at gipsa-lab.fr
Web Site: http://www.gipsa-lab.fr/colloque/RFP-2017 

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology 

Call Deadline: 03-Mar-2017 

Meeting Description:

The French Phonology Network (Réseau Français de Phonologie) is launching a
call for papers for its 2017 annual conference. Building on the success of the
previous conferences organized in Orléans (2010), Tours (2011), Paris (2012),
Nantes (2013), Lille (2014), Bordeaux (2015) and Nice (2016), the 2017 edition
will be organized by GIPSA-lab and will take place from 5 to 7 July at the
Grenoble Alpes University, France.

Invited Speakers:

- Sabrina Bendjaballah, LLING & Univ. Nantes
- Monik Charette, SOAS London
- John Harris, UCL London
- Rachid Ridouane, LPP & Univ. Paris 3

Main session:

Submissions from any school or theoretical framework of phonology are welcome.
Topics of interest may relate to phonology in general or in specific language,
in synchronic or in diachronic dimensions. Issues focusing on phonology and
its interfaces, epistemology, descriptive phonology, experimental phonology, 
phonological modeling or formalism are awaited.

Thematic session:

This year's conference, we especially encourage submissions focusing on the
two following topics:

- Multi-level approach of the phonology-phonetic interface and / or
description of minority languages, dialects, spatial variation, phonological
changes, language and sound system typologies;
- Development and acquisition of phonological representations.

Call for Papers:

Abstract submission and review:

Abstracts can be written in either French or English. Abstracts should not
exceed two pages in length (A4 pages, Times New Roman or similar, size 11,
single-spaced), including references, tables and figures. Anonymous PDF
abstracts should mention under the title the request for an oral or poster
presentation (or without notice) and should be submitted on the RFP2017 site
at the following address: http://rfp2017.sciencesconf.org.

All abstracts will be reviewed by at least two referees.


Oral presentations will be scheduled for 35-minute time slots (25 minutes for
presentation and 10 minutes for discussion).

A poster session will be set up.  

Important Dates:

Call for papers:  December 10 2016
Deadline for submission: March 3 2017
Notification of acceptance: April 28 2017
Conference: July 5-7 2017 

Scientific Committee:

J.-P. Angoujard (U. de Nantes, PR), B. Laks (U. Paris 10, PR)
X. Barillot (U. de Nice, MCF), N. Lampitelli (U. de Tours, MCF)
J.-M. Beltzung (U. de Nantes, MCF), J.-L. Léonard (U. Paris 4, PR)
S. Bendjaballah (U. de Nantes, DR), J. Lowenstamm (U. Paris 7, PR)
G. Bergounioux (U. d'Orléans, PR), X. Luo (U. d'Orléans, Post-doc)
J. Brandao de Carvalho (U. Paris 8, PR), N. Nguyen (U. d'Aix-Marseille, PR)
J. Bucci (U. de Grenoble Alpes, Post-doc), R. Noske (U. Lille 3, MCF)
E. Caratini (U. de Poitiers, MCF), D. Passino (U. de Nice, PR)
C. Dos Santos (U. de Tours, MCF), C. Patin (U. Lille 3, MCF)
J. Dufour (U. de Strasbourg, MCF), A. Rialland (U. Paris 3, DR)
C. Dugua (U. d'Orléans, MCF), R. Ridouane (U. Paris 3, CR)
J. Durand (U. Toulouse 2, PR), O. Rizzolo (U. de Nice, MCF)
R. Fathi (U. de Nantes, Post-doc), M. Russo (U. Lyon 3, PR)
N. Faust (U. Paris 8, MCF), T. Scheer (U. de Nice, DR)
S. Ferré (U. de Tours, MCF), Ph. Ségéral (U. Paris 7, MCF)
J.-M. Fournier (U. de Tours, PR), A. Tifrit (U. de Nantes, MCF)
D. Le Gac (U. de Rouen, MCF), F. Torres-Tamarit (U. Paris 8, CR)
S. Herment (U. d'Aix-Marseille, PR), N. Trapateau (U. de Nice, MCF)
M. D'Imperio (U. d'Aix-Marseille, PR), S. Ulfsbjorninn (U. Lyon 3, Post-doc)
H. Jacobs (U. Radboud (NL), PR), N. Vallée (U. de Grenoble Alpes, CR)
L. Labrune (U. Bordeaux 3, PR), S. Wauquier (U. Paris 8, PR)
M. Lahrouchi (U. Paris 8, CR), N. Yamaguchi (U. Paris 3, MCF)

Conference Organizers:

Responsables : Nathalie Vallée (CNRS RF) & Julien Meyer (CNRS RF)
Permanents :  Elisabetta Carpitelli (Pr),Giovanni Depau (AP), Jean-Pierre Lai
(P. ENG), Thi Thuy Hien Tran (AP), Anne Vilain (AP)
Non-permanents :  Ekaterina Biteeva Lecocq (ENG),  Jonathan Bucci (Post-doc), 
Silvia Gally (PhD student), Bénédicte Grandon (PhD student)


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