29.2762, Calls: General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

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Subject: 29.2762, Calls: General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2018 14:50:45
From: Danjie Su [danjiesu at uark.edu]
Subject: General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

Full Title: Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 30-Sep-2018 

Call for Papers:
Language and Communication of Asian Diaspora Communities in the West
Special Issue of the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (JAPC)
John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam
Guest edited by:
Florian Coulmas (florian.coulmas at uni-due.de) 
Zi Wang (wz1205 at gmail.com)

East Asian communities have been visible in the West for several decades. At
the turn of the 21st century, this is only becoming increasingly so, as
manifested by the rapid rate of growth of Chinese communities in a number of
Western societies. Although much has been said about such diaspora movements
from Asia to the West in terms of migration motives, issues of
(non)integration into host societies, as well as questions of cultural
identity and heritage, there has been less attention paid to the role of their
native language in intra/inter-communal, and inter-generational communication,
as well as issues and challenges of maintaining their home language in Western
host societies.

This Special Issue of JAPC focusses on language and communication practices of
East Asian diaspora communities in Europe and North America. The JAPC invites
scholars whose works focus on language, migration, and society to analyse
current situations of language (non)maintenance of Chinese, Japanese, and
Korean communities, taking into consideration the following non-exhaustive
list of issues:
- The presence or lack of support frameworks, either from the host society or
self-organised, to help maintain home language
- Different issues of language and identity faced by first and
second-generation migrants
- The heterogeneous nature of a single community (e.g. in terms of geography
of origin, period in which migration to the West occurred, socio-economic
backgrounds) and different attitudes towards and practices of language

Contributors to this Special Issue will be asked to analyse home language
maintenance and issues of communication both within a single community and
between the community and the host society. Although we ask authors to include
empirical findings related to one community (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) in
one specific Western host society, works of a comparative nature are equally
welcomed. This may include studies that examine two or more migrant
communities or one community in two or more host societies. Interested authors
should send a brief abstract stating the theme, methodology, and aim of the
paper by 31 September 2018 to Florian Coulmas (florian.coulmas at uni-due.de) and
Zi Wang (wz1205 at gmail.com).


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