about directional particles in Nahuatl

Paloma Rodríguez pacoatlicue at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 11 01:34:23 UTC 2013

My name is Paloma Rodríguez. I'm a linguist and I'm about to start my second year of a second Master's degree in Guadalajara Mexico. I've been working with Nahuatl for 4 years, since my first Master. 
For my thesis I plan to analyse directional particles in Nahuatl to try to understand their different functions and meanings. I've already read: Olmos, Carochi, Lockhart, Launey and Andrews. And it would help me a lot if you could send  me or suggest me some bibliography related to this topic. 
Besides, I'm planning to do a PhD in Nahuatl linguistics in USA. I wonder if you could tell me about the universities where there are Nahuatl researchers in linguistics or other fields. 
I thank you in advance for your attention.
Paloma Rodríguez 		 	   		  
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