OLAC suite updates

Haejoong Lee haejoong at UNAGI.CIS.UPENN.EDU
Wed Nov 6 18:25:59 UTC 2002

Dear OLAC implementers,

New OLAC suite has been released with new features!

OLAC suite is a combination of OLAC harvester (Ovester) and aggregator
(OLACA) written in perl.  Ovester harvests OAI records from OLAC data
providers, and stores them in the OLAC MySQL database.  OLACA exports
the records in the OLAC database using OAI-PMH.  They can be used to
implement useful services over OLAC archives.  Please check the new
features below.  For more details, please read ChangaLog and README
included in the OLAC suite package.

New features:

  Ovester (OLAC harvester)
  - central db lookup for harvest list: Ovester tries to download
    harvest list from the remote server (language-archives web server)
    by default.
  - database synchronization: The archives in the OLAC database are
    synchronized to those in harvest list, i.e. the archives that are
    not listed in the harvest list are cleaned up in the database.
  - use of seperate database account information file: The database
    account information is not hardcoded in the Ovester code, but kept
    in a seperate file for security.
  - The features listed above are controlled by command line options.
    For example, you can turn on/off the synchronization using -p

  OLACA (OLAC Aggregator)
  - Query verb: A new verb, "Query" is added. Please see
  - OAI-PHM 2.0: OLAC suite 2 contains OAI-PHM 2.0 compliant OLACA.


  OLAC suite (Ovester:OAI-PMH 1.1, OLACA:OAI-PMH 1.1):

  OLAC suite 2 (Ovester:OAI-PMH 1.1, OLACA:OAI-PMH 2.0):


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