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I think there are lots of good digital recorders 
on the market now and two that are reasonably 
cheap are the M-Audio
Microtrack (I paid US $300) and the newish Edirol 
$399). The issue with them is having a computer 
to which you can copy data after the card is full.

I don't know about minidisks and am cautious of 
them as it is not always easy to retrieve the 
data without redigitising. If you use HiMD you 
may be able to record wav files rather than ATRAC 
format (which is not archival). But there are 
problems with that too (read Gerd Klaas's article 
in the LAN,

I think DAT is now superceded (we couldn't get a new playback machine anymore).

Some sites with info are listed below:
     Recording Digital Sound, UKOLN / AHDS Quality Assurance Document

     Sound Recording, Microphones, Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

     How to Digitize Analog Audio Recordings, E-Meld

     Audio/Video Capture and Management, NINCH Guide to Good Practice

     General info on audio:

     Lots of good advice:


>Hi there:
>I am part of an oral history project being 
>funded by the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea 
>I am looking for websites that have good 
>summaries of digital equipment for recording, 
>and also any recommendations people have about 
>Rachel Cross
>South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
>1490 Albany Hwy, Cannington WA 6107
>P. 9358 2437
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