Silvano Fasolo (Wankanyi Ngurra Tjurta) silvano.wnt at WESTNET.COM.AU
Wed Jun 14 04:40:34 UTC 2006

If anyone out there has the knowledge, the experience and the time (?), we
would appreciate some answers, please.


*What we have: We have a Language Dictionary, in Word format.


*What we would like to do: 

(1)     Enter these words from Word into a program like shoebox (is this
currently the best program to use?)

How do we best go about doing this? What costs are involved in the software
needed, time needed?

                   We have limited resources at present.


(2)     Collect language from Language Speakers, so that we could then
transfer these into the shoebox (or other ?) program. We have heard about
minidisks, gismo's, digitisers - all like a foreign language to us! Has
anyone trialed these, and would like to recommend the best (clarity, level
of difficulty) equipment to use, costs, manufacturers, etc?



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