Report 2004 -2005 Indigenous Languages and Culture in Northern Territory Schools

Nicholas Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Fri Mar 10 04:06:09 UTC 2006

This report is now available here:

 From the foreword:

"The Indigenous Languages and Culture in Northern Territory Schools 
report highlights that there are
many examples of excellent Indigenous languages and culture programs 
being delivered in
schools throughout the Northern Territory in urban, rural and remote settings.
The teaching of Indigenous languages and culture in our schools is 
important for two reasons:
Firstly, there is irresistible evidence to show that when the home 
languages and cultures of
students are reflected in their learning experiences and learning 
environments, students achieve
better levels of learning. We owe it to our Indigenous students, who 
constitute forty percent of
our student population, to provide the best possible standard of 
education we can, to ensure
participation and achievement outcomes for Indigenous students 
continue to improve.
Secondly, the Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people of today are 
fundamental to the
Northern Territory's future social and economic vitality and 
wellbeing. Schools are rightfully a
place to assist all young people to gain intercultural understandings 
that will provide the
foundations of mutual respect among our diverse communities.
The implementation of the recommendations of this report will ensure 
that all students in
Northern Territory schools have access to relevant and high quality 
Indigenous languages and
culture programs. I look forward to working with educators and school 
communities to progress
the recommendations of the report and to promote and celebrate the 
Northern Territory's
distinctive and rich cultural heritage. "

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