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This is bad news about Transcriber. It doesn't sound like something we
should be

promoting through our OLAC tutorials, if it doesn't support any Unicode


Has anybody tried Transana, from the University of Wisconsin? It's also
free, open

source, etc. They discuss Unicode issues on this page:


In summary, it's supposed to work with UTF-8 encoding, but they note areas

which theory and practice fail to mesh.




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Subject: Re: Non-roman and Transcriber


I am having trouble getting Unicode characters displaying in Transcriber on
a Mac. I have followed Matthew's instructions, changed the text encoding to
UTF-8, changed the font to Gentium, but still can't insert the characters.


I have a defined keyboard layout using Ukelele which works with other


When I try inserting the Unicode character into the .trs file and opening it
in Transcriber it generates an error.


Has anyone figured out how to do this?








Dear list,

Thanks to Rachel Cross, I stand corrected. Non-roman characters can be
inputed in Transcriber by attributing shortcuts to certain keystrokes.


Instructions are at:  <>

See especially  6.7.  <>
Accented characters and internationalization

and  13.1. Define a shortcut


This has solved my problem, I am now able to enter both Phonetic and Bengali
characters using this method. (Remember to change the font)


Admittedly this solution is not ideal, as I have to recreate my Keyboard
layout with keystrokes, and the shortcut coding is not as flexible as Keyman
because Keyman allows dummy keys.


Doug Marmion suggested I also test ELAN. I downloaded it and found that it
DOES accept my Keyman keyboard, so I could be using that with my normal
method of character entry. For now I'll stick with Transcriber until my
understanding of ELAN catches up.


Thanks to all respondents. 





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