streaming media

Nicholas Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Mon Dec 3 22:44:03 UTC 2007

As a result of an Australian Research Council grant a group of us 
have successfully established a server for linguistic data, based on 
the output of Transcriber and Toolbox.  This allows us to place media 
online in the context of transcripts, dictionaries or other textual 

You will need to download the plugin for Firefox (here: ) to see and hear the media, and only 
Firefox works at the moment (other browsers will work in future).

The dictionary example can be seen here:
A general discussion of the issues around annotated media can be 
found here:

An example of online presentation of interlinear glossed text can be 
seen here:

The process of creating the online dictionary is described here:

The broader issue of the creation of the online system for 
interlinear glossed text is discussed in a book chapter available 

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