portable storage

Claire Bowern anggarrgoon at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 7 12:06:40 UTC 2007

> The one feature of the iPod that remains viable for my context is that 
> it is a portable playback unit, once the files are in MP3 format, I 
> assume. I have to have some portable way of playing back selected files 
> in the field. Something I can carry through rainy weather and set up 
> indoors or outdoors.
> But other MP3 players seem to be much cheaper (and more so all the 
> time), and hence relatively disposable should they get dropped in the 
> sand or whatever. Maybe it's just a question of finding a model that is 
> not too fiddly.

I'm not an ipodder myself, but a) I'm pretty sure that ipods will play 
wav files (so no need to convert to mp3), and b) there are covers and 
waterproof boxes and so on that you could get to minimise potential 
damage. I'm sure I've seen an otterbox that fits an ipod, for example.


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