exporting time code info from Transcriber

Nicholas Thieberger thieberg at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Mar 5 03:16:43 UTC 2008


An easy way to export timecodes from Transcriber is by using its own export to 'Limsi label'. This produces a tab-delimited text file  with timecode and text, but assumes you have used a single tier (that is, no speaker/background noise etc information is exported in this way). And then you can import it into Audiamus :).

The new way to do this is to use Andrew Margett's online conversion tool, announced on Monday on this list. It will take a Transcriber file and produce a text file in Toolbox marked-up format which contains timecodes and text.


At 11:03 AM +0900 5/3/08, wmcontractlinguist at kisser.net.au wrote:
>Hi all,
>Is it possible to export time code information with the text from a transcriber
>file. If so, how?
>Sally Dixon
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