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rhattori at HAWAII.EDU rhattori at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Mar 5 21:32:21 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask you a question on Transcriber.
I have been using Transcriber 1.5.1 on my XP machine.  I did not 
experience with any problems with it, although I want some features 
to be added in the future version.
Then, I tried to use it on Vista machine on this Monday.  It caused 
some problems as I describe below.

Transcriber 1.5.1 on Vista.

1. The menu bar disappeared and I could not click "save."  Other 
software such as Microsoft word also behaved funny at that same time. 
I was afraid to close the Transcriber since I could not click save, I 
tried to cut-and-paste-and save all the Transcription in Microsoft 
Word.  I could cut-and-copy to Word but could not save.  Also, 
printing was difficult.  It allowed me only quick printing.  Paint 
software could not be opened.  Anyway, I
closed the Transcriber hoping that automatic saving function was 
working.  I closed.  Then, I opened the Transcriber file that I 
worked on.  Apparently, Automatic saving Function did not work. 
Also, I could not find it in "Recent File."
These might be just "memory problem" (although the Vista Machine is 
bought in this January and has enough memory) or "busy problem".

2. After my experience I described in 1, I examined how Transcriber 
works on Vista.  After 1, other software start to work fine and 
seemed like no more "busy problem." In the good condition of Vista 
machine, I found that even I update Transcriber file and saved it, it 
never show up in "recent file."  I am not sure about automatic saving 
since when I try to close the file when the Vista is behaving normal, 
it asks me whether I want to save it or not.  If I say yes, it holds 
the updated data.  If I say no, it does not hold the updated data 
even I wait for 10 minutes between updating and closing (the setting 
for automatic saving is % minutes as default).

My questions are;

Q1. Do you know whether Transcriber 1.5.1 is compatible with Vista or 
is there any version that is compatible with Vista?

Q2. Do you know any way to make Transcriber works on Vista computer 
as it does on XP?

Q3. Do you think it is safe for me to use Transcriber both on XP and 
Vista? (I mean sometimes use it on Vista and move the file to XP 
machine later. I am wondering whether any problems will come up if I 
get the data transcribed on Vista machine to XP machine. Can it have 
full specification of Transcriber?  Microsoft word that is created 
and saved the recent way on Vista machine cannot open on XP machine.)

My assistant come see me several times a week (they know Transcriber 
well) and I want them to use my Vista machine since it is a desktop 
and the key board arrangement is easier than my XP laptop.  While 
they are working on Transcriber on Vista, I can do movie editing on 
my XP machine.

Ryoko Hattori
rhattori at

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