Now Transcriber works OK on Vista

Ryoko Hattori rhattori at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Mar 19 07:19:58 UTC 2008

Thank you very much for your help,

I tried your advices and my situation is better now on Windows Vista.  I found that Transcriber works better in the Guest Account than the Administrator account as I described below.
I used Transcriber software while logged in the Administrator account and logged in the Guest Account.  I could see the recently created/modified Transcriber file in Recent Items when I was logged in the Guest Account but not when I was logged in the Administrator account.   
I do not know why it behaves differently between Administrator account and Gust Account.  If you are having a problem with Transcriber, try use it in the Guest Account. 

Also, make sure that you can save the file at the beggining of your work and do it frequently during your work.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Ryoko Hattori
rhattori at

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