Fwd: OCR program advice wanted

Gary Holton ffgmh1 at uaf.edu
Thu Mar 20 02:43:51 UTC 2008

Does anyone have advice for my colleague regarding OCR software?

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> From: "Steven A. Jacobson" <ffsaj at uaf.edu>
> Date: March 19, 2008 6:22:59 AM GMT-08:00
> To: ffgmh1 at uaf.edu
> Subject: OCR program advice wanted
> Gary,
> Maybe you'd have some advice. We purchased a scanner that came bundled
> with OmniPage OCR stripped-down version. It doesn't OCR very well at all.
> I see that there are two (maybe more)l "professional" OCR programs
> available, one by OmniPage for $499, and another by Readiris for $129. For
> now, all I want it for is the Latin alphabet, though maybe Cyrillic in the
> future. Any advice?
> -- Steve

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