diacritics in Toolbox on Mac, what's the dealio?

Greg Aumann Greg_Aumann at SIL.ORG
Wed Oct 8 09:04:58 UTC 2008

I think your problem is caused by the ô not being listed in the sort
order for the national language. Make sure all the symbols used in each
of the languages in the database are listed in the relevant sort order.
Otherwise they are likely to be considered non word forming characters
and strange stuff will happen.


Piers Kelly wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm new to Toolbox and newer to Toolbox via Mac CrossOver.
> My problem is that Toolbox in CrossOver now doesn't seem to recognise
> diacritics at all, such that:
> \gn /dugô/
> becomes
> \gn /dug/
> I have gone to project -> language encodings -> options -> choose font
> and made sure everything is set to a unicode font (DoulosSIL) and then
> gone to Advanced and made sure 'Unicode (UTF+8)' is selected. The text
> genuinely looks as though it is in DoulosSIL and not some substituted font.
> Can anyone suggest a solution?
> I have a flimsy theory that DoulosSIL is not installed in the CrossOver
> bottle (or whatever it's called) but I assume it would not appear in the
> list if this were the case. Also, I can't work out how to 'install'
> fonts in this way.
> Any thoughts are appreciated.

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