Preserving a special alphabetical order when making an MDF RTF in Toolbox

Stephen Morey S.Morey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 18 00:44:32 UTC 2009

Dear RNLD List,

Some weeks ago I posted a query about a Tai Ahom dictionary that I am
producing that has a complex and rather odd alphabetical order. I have
received a very good answer from Karen Buseman. Here is a precis of what
she said, in case others face similar difficulties:

"In the MDF Export Options, you had checked (or it was the default
setting) the "Sort by citation form" option. With this option set, MDF
sorts by the language encoding of the \lc field. (this is the "lexical
citation form" for use when the proper form for a printed dictionary is
inflected (perhaps) but the compiler wants the uninflected form as the
lexeme for his use.)

To change this, go to File, Export, select the MDF export, Modify,
Options (button on the right side), then un-check "Sort by citation

Tjere is another thing that Karen recommended:>
>>  1) Do Project, Database Types.
>>  2) Select the database type named "MDF Rich Text Format" with the
>>  3) Click Modify.
>>  4) Select the \lx marker.
>>You may want to check other markers as well -- if not for this export,
>then possibly for future exports. 
>>  5) Change the language encoding appropriately.
>>  6) Click OK as needed to get back to the main Toolbox window.

It was the 'sort by citation form' that did the trick for me.

Stephen Morey

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