Doulos SIL font

Stephen Morey S.Morey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 18 00:57:03 UTC 2009

Dear RNLD List,

I am co-editing a book on North East Indian Languages, and we have
struck a problem with the Doulos SIL font, which we had instructed all
our contributors to use.

It seems that Doulos SIL cannot be used in publishing suites, unless
only regular (non-bold, non-italic) type is used (which, in the papers
submitted to our volume, is only rarely the case). This odd fact has
been pointed out by CUP India (who are publishing our book), and
subsequently confirmed by one of our editorial team, when reading (for
the first time) the help file that is packaged with Doulos. 
The same problem doesn't arise with Charis SIL, because this has a suite
of 4 files that include a Regular, plus Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.
Why Doulos doesn't do this is unknown.

My questions are:

Has anyone else had this problem?
If so, how have you overcome it?

Thanks to all

Stephen Morey

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