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Anne: For info.

Dear Nick, Margaret, Anthony and RNLDers
 I'd like to let you know that Nyikina people in the West Kimberley are
establishing a Language Hub which at the moment consists of three people in
Broome and two in Derby (and one linguist, yours truly).  The Broome team is
currently engaged in art classes at TAFE so that they can illustrate the
Nyikina Dictionary which is being worked out in Lexique Pro and bouncing off
the First Nyikina Lexicon recorded by Bronwyn Stokes thirty years ago.  The
team's responsibilities apart from improving their expertise in art, are to
assist with developing the dictionary and, more immediately, play a key role
in launching Madjulla Inc.'s first bilingual book of Nyikina stories. (see for ordering information). Launches are scheduled for 10
October in Derby and 14 October in Broome.

Re Margaret's "on-site mentored one-to-one training of community language
activists in language
documentation and revitalization methods and technologies" - if our team can
be of any assistance, eg in trialling the course or similar, please do not
hesitate to contact us. In any case, we would be extremely interested in
knowing when the course becomes available.

Best wishes for the AGM tomorrow.
Colleen Hattersley

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Nick Thieberger <thien at>wrote:

> 2009 AGM announcement
> Dear RNLD members,
> The 2009 RNLD AGM will be held in Melbourne at 11am on Wednesday
> October 7. All are welcome to attend. The venue is Room 515B, Arts
> Centre Building, The University of Melbourne. You can download a map here
> RNLD has played an active online role since its launch in 2004 and we
> currently have about 240 people subscribing to our mailing list. We're
> pleased to be able to say that RNLD is doing well in bringing language
> maintenance practitioners together to share information and resources
> and to discuss issues in the field.
> Through the coming year we will be extending RNLD's training
> activities through a grant from the Australian Government's
> Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records scheme. Margaret
> Florey is developing a new grassroots model for the on-site mentored
> one-to-one training of community language activists in language
> documentation and revitalization methods and technologies. In the
> first year of the project, Margaret is writing the training materials
> and beginning to consult with endangered language communities in
> Australia.
> At the meeting will we announce our new Advisory Panel.
> We will also report on progress towards a much needed update of the
> web site and RNLD logo which we hope to bring online very soon.
> kind regards,
> Margaret Florey, Nick Thieberger, Anthony Jukes

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