.pdf files corrupted

Stephen Morey S.Morey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Thu Oct 15 00:48:40 UTC 2009

Dear RNLD list,

Does anybody know how to deal with the problem of a .pdf file opening
with some or all of the fonts displaying incorrectly? I just opened a
document from an official source, and almost all of it comes out using
an old non-Unicode Burmese font that is in my system, rather than the
Roman font in which it is written.

Some time ago, somebody told me that the Tavultesoft Keyman program was
the cause of this; and certainly removing that program from my Laptop
has meant that I have not had this problem on my laptop recently;
however today I find I have the problem on my office computer, and it
doesn't have Keyman installed.

The sections of the file that are displaying incorrectly are sections
written in Roman font; there are no special symbols at all. I had
thought that the whole purpose of .pdf was that it would show the
document with all fonts in place, and all graphics etc. 


Stephen Morey

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