Linguistics in the Pub May 18th 7pm new venue

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Fri Apr 30 08:55:31 UTC 2010


Linguistics in the Pub (LIP) May 2010
Organised by RNLD

Our next Linguistics in the Pub meeting will be held at an actual pub
(new venue).

Date:      Tuesday 18th May
Time:      7:00 pm
Venue:    Upstairs room, Prince Alfred Hotel,191 Grattan St, Carlton
(corner of Bouverie St), ph ‪(03) 9347-3033‬‎

             Food and drinks available at the venue.

Yvonne Treis (RCLT) will lead a discussion on grammar-writing.

Some of the questions to be considered:
What should a good descriptive grammar include?
And how should the content be presented?
What makes a grammar good (or bad).

Suggested background reading:
1)  Mosel, Ulrike 2006. Grammaticography: The art and craft of writing
grammars. In: Catching Language. The Standing Challenge of Grammar
Writing, edited by Ameka, Felix K.; Dench, Alan; Evans, Nicholas.
Berlin, New York (Mouton de Gruyter) 2006.
Pdf available from page for this event on the RNLD website:

2) Nordhoff, S. (2008). "Electronic reference grammars for typology --
challenges and solutions". Journal for Language Documentation and
Conservation 2(2):296-324.

3) Thieberger, Nicholas. 2009. Steps toward a grammar embedded in
data. In: Epps, Patricia and Alexandre Arkhipov. (eds.)  New
Challenges in Typology: Transcending the Borders and Refining the
Distinctions. Berlin ; New York, NY : Mouton de Gruyter Mouton.

Contact  Ruth Singer if you have any questions rsinger at

LIP is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in
Melbourne. All are welcome. Those in other parts of Australia and the
world who can't make it to the Melbourne LIPs are encouraged to
organise a local gathering to discuss this topic and support language

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