$7.9 million allocated to 63 language projects

Margaret Florey margaret.florey at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 9 22:33:26 UTC 2010

Dear RNLDers,

Further to my email about funding for the NT, Australia's Arts and Heritage
Minister has now announced funding
language programs across Australia in 2010-11.

$7.9 million has been allocated Australia-wide under the Maintenance of
Indigenous Languages and Records (MILR) Program to support 63 projects in
2010-2011. Six applicants were granted triennial funding for 2010-2013.
Congratulations to all of the organisations across the country which were
successful this year!

RNLD is very pleased to let you know that our funding has been continued for
another year, with a significant increase in our 2010-2011 grant allocation.
This grant will enable us to continue our outreach and resource development,
and to begin piloting the Documenting and Revitalizing Indigenous Languages
(DRIL) program in a number of Aboriginal communities and organisations later
in the year. We look forward to continuing to serve and work with you
through the coming year.

The MILR announcement notes that the scheme aims to address the steady
erosion and loss of Australia’s estimated 250 original Indigenous languages
by providing funding support for the maintenance and revival of these
languages. While this year's allocation will impact positively on languages
in some parts of the country, a total of 130 applications was submitted in
the 2010-2011 round, seeking over $22.304 million in funding. In the 2009-10
round, 104 submissions sought over $18 million in funding, and a total of 64
projects was approved for $8.8m with two applicants granted triennial
funding. There can be no doubt that the MILR program urgently needs to be
expanded in order to make a substantial impact on language loss.

kind regards,

Margaret Florey
Consultant linguist
Director, Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity <www.rnld.org>

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