GPS and fieldwork?

Nick Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Fri May 21 11:13:22 UTC 2010

I have a Garmin GPS 60 and I find it easy to use. In conjunction with
a digital camera its track information can geocode images (using,
e.g., myTracks2 or similar software) based only on the shared
timestamps of the images and the GPS data. It is of course yet another
device that needs batteries, but it could also be considered a
necessity for remote location and off-road travel.


On 21 May 2010 11:35, Greg Dickson <munanga at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of putting together my equipment wishlist for fieldwork
> in Northern Australia and was wondering if I should think about taking a GPS
> with me.  I've never actually used one before, but was thinking it could
> come in handy, especially if we wanted to do things like mapping Dreaming
> sites/sacred sites.
> Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share about the usefulness of
> GPSes in fieldwork?
> Guda,
> Greg Dickson

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