GPS and fieldwork?

David Nash David.Nash at ANU.EDU.AU
Sun May 23 05:14:53 UTC 2010

Further to Aidan's post on GPS loggers,

At 1:02 PM +1000 23/5/10, Aidan Wilson wrote:
>I gave it a quick go, trying to get the data off, because it's 
>apparently just gpx files, which are readable from a bunch of 
>different programs, including google earth. However I had immense 
Yes, Aidan didn't manage to get the data out of the device by 
unadvertised means -- BUT the free software as at does interrogate the device OK.

As well as recording a track (/route) (at a user-controlled 
granularity), a GPS logger is good for geotagging photos from a 
camera that doesn't have a GPS.  It is also useful for geolocating 
video (or any other records), providing the clock time of the video 
etc is recorded somehow.

At 9:13 PM +1000 21/5/10, Nick Thieberger wrote:
>  It is of course yet another device that needs batteries,
Yes -- though GPS loggers (unlike regular GPSs) typically recharge 
through USB so don't need a separate charger.  And it is small and 
light enough that it can be worn (eg on one's hat(!)) and ignored for 
the day.

However a GPS logger is no use for showing location while out and about.


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