USB audio input devices

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Hi all,


I have been using the M-audio USB Pre and are very happy with the results. .


Direct recording to computer (without the M-audio device) often caused the
recording to skip/crash - just way too much data for my laptop's sound card
to handle. 


Currently here in Thailand M-audio products are on special (wish I had
waited) and the USB pre can be picked up for around USD100 (the US website
lists it at USD179).


With the M-audio USB pre I am able to record in stereo or mono with Audacity
(and Sony SoundForge) with no problems.


The only problem with the M-audio is that it is possible to get a blue
screen by unplugging it while the computer is still running.


Ken Manson


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>Supposedly the H4N can do it:


Thing is, the H2 had a similar claim, but when I actually tried it, it was
limited to some lower frequency/bit level (I forget the details).  So now
I'm wary...

John Hatton 
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Palaso, &  <> SIL International Software Development




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