USB audio input devices

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A musician colleague who works remote recommends the duet by Apogee. I haven't tried it yet, but he loves it, and records professionally with this device using Sound edit Pro, also can use garage band, audacity etc. I'm about to give it a trial as an A>D converter for digitising cassette tapes 

Here's a link
Marg Carew

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Subject: USB audio input devices
Hi folks,

Can someone recommend a device for doing direct recording into a computer,
at 24 bit/96 khz, using only USB 2?   The system will be used with a
microphone to do the "careful speech" stage of the BOLD approach.  There
seems to be some question about USB's ability to handle the load, but I'm
looking for something which will work with netbooks, which don't normally
come with firewire inputs.  There's a number of devices for sale with claim
this ability, but, well, being in PNG, if we get ones which don't really
deliver, it's an expensive mistake. 


If anyone has managed to make a Zoom H4N perform this role, I'd love to hear
that (that would mean one less bit of kit).


Thanks for any advice.

John Hatton 
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Palaso, &  <> SIL International Software Development


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