SD card to SD card transfer?

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Hi Andrea,

There are indeed SD card duplicators.  Depending on your volume, you might want to look at  If you're only doing 1-to-1 duplication, you might be best off finding a USB bridge which will let you back up SD cards (and other flash memory types) straight onto a USB device.  The USB device might be a series of flash devices or it might be a solid-state HDD in a ruggedised external enclosure.   THe difference is that the duplicator is at about $7000, the USB bridge is about $30.  There was, about 5 years ago, a portable SD cloning device from Panasonic but I'm not sure it made it to market.  You can then get small Pelican cases to weatherproof and shockproof everything.


On 12/10/2010, at 8:28 AM, Andrea L. Berez wrote:

> Hello list,
> I am investigating options for transferring data from one SD card to another without the use of a computer intermediary (think no-laptop fieldwork). There must be some small device that can both read from and write to SD cards. Any recommendations, or barring such a device, and suggestions for work-arounds?
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> Andrea
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