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Hi Claire
If you take Peter's suggestion and self publish, then here are the two
printers I have used:

1. Digital Print Australia ( printed
Reflections of a Kimberley Woman.  No minimum number of copies, though
more = lower cost.  Details are on their website and they are quick to give
a quote.  They will do artwork for an additional fee or you can present your
work complete. They will accept it as pdf files. First run unit cost is
slightly dearer than subsequent runs. Each book (A5 paperback with b/w
inside on 80gsm white paper) is around $AU7.00 postage included in
Australia. I'm not sure if they have a distribution service,  but they do
have an online shop and distribute royalties once a year.

2. The Nyikina Stories were printed at Everbest in China.  We submitted
finished item and they produced a quality custom-sized book with glossy
pages and hard cover. In fact our quality wasn't good enough and they nit
picked until we met their standards. The drawback is that their minimum
first run is 1500 books. The quoted price includes delivery but you have to
pay GST on arrival at the wharf in Oz or you don't get to pick up the
shipment. Including GST each book comes in at around $9.00. You do your own
distribution with this option.
Of course, you need to be able to pay up front for both of these options.
Colleen Hattersley

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Claire Bowern <clairebowern at>wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to find a publisher for the Yan-nhangu learner's guide
> (Yan-nhangu's a Yolngu language) and it's turning out of be quite
> difficult! I want to publish it somewhere local if possible, and I
> don't want to use a vanity press.
> I've tried IAD press, but they sat on the ms for 18 months and then
> said they would need a subsidy and couldn't start working on it for 2
> years. Then I tried CDU Press; they made positive noises, then did
> nothing for a year, and then decided they couldn't take the ms after
> all). Aboriginal Studies Press don't have a single language book on
> their catalogue so I assume that's a no-go.
> Does anyone have suggestions for other publishers to try?
> Thanks!
> Claire
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