publisher of learner's guides?

Claire Bowern clairebowern at GMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 20 02:32:35 UTC 2010

Thanks to everyone who's sent responses on and offlist! I'll compile
them and post a summary (and apologies for not yet replying to
everyone individually- I will do that soon).

Regarding Peter's question about self-publishing and vanity presses,
there are a couple of reasons I'd prefer not to do that. One is that I
don't have any grant money for this project, and I don't really have
time to apply for other funding (or to manage the distribution from
self-publishing). The other reason is that I get the strong impression
that vanity presses/self-published books are a negative on tenure
applications. I'm also concerned to make sure that copies are
reasonably accessible to the target audience (although photocopies of
the draft were distributed at Milingimbi, so in terms of access to
materials, the most important people already have copies of the


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