Linguistics in the Pub WEDNESDAY 3rd November

Ruth Singer rsinger at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Oct 20 01:27:02 UTC 2010


Linguistics in the Pub (LIP) November 2010
Organised by RNLD

Topic: The benefits of collaboration between linguists and
musicologists (discussion led by Ruth Singer, La Trobe University)

Language documentation is being increasingly carried out by
interdisciplinary teams of researchers that might include
musicologists, anthropologists, biologists and archaeologists among
others. This session will bring together musicologists who have worked
with linguists and linguists who have worked with musicologists. We
will discuss the outcomes of some specific collaborations and how
collaboration has improved the documentation of both language and
music in these projects.

Background readings:
Australian Journal of Linguistics, Volume 30 Issue 1 2010, Special
issue of The Language of Song, edited by Myf Turpin and Tonya Stebbins.

Marett, A., & Barwick, L. (Eds.). (2007). Studies in Aboriginal song
(special issue of  Australian Aboriginal Studies) (Vol. 2007/2).
Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press.

(Both journals are available online through university libraries)

Barwick, L. (2006). A musicologist’s wishlist: some issues, practices
and practicalities in musical aspects of language documentation.
Language documentation and description, 3(2005), 53-62.

Marett, A., & Barwick, L. (2003). Endangered songs and endangered
languages. In J. Blythe & R. M. Brown (Eds.), Maintaining the Links:
Language Identity and the Land. Seventh conference of the Foundation
for Endangered Languages, Broome WA. (pp. 144-151). Bath, UK:
Foundation for Endangered Languages.

Date:      Wednesday 3rd November
(note: different day of the week to usual as the Tuesday is Cup Day holiday)
Time:      7:00 pm
Venue:    Upstairs room, Prince Alfred Hotel,
191 Grattan St, Carlton
(corner of Bouverie St)
ph ‪(03) 9347-3033‬‎

Food and drinks available at the venue.

Contact  Ruth Singer if you have any questions rsinger at

LIP is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in
Melbourne. All are welcome. Those in other parts of Australia and the
world who can't make it to the Melbourne LIPs are encouraged to
organise a local gathering to discuss this topic and support language
activities in your area.

Ruth Singer
Linguistics Program
School of Languages and Linguistics
Faculty of Arts
University of Melbourne 3010

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