Call for papers for the 10th Australian Languages Workshop

Felicity Meakins f.meakins at UQ.EDU.AU
Thu Oct 21 02:24:22 UTC 2010

Dear everyone,

Next year ALW will be held on 11-13 March on North Stradbroke Island just
off Brisbane.

The theme of the workshop will be 'Grammatical aspects of post-colonial
language contact', although papers on other topics concerning Australian
languages are welcome. Papers on language contact could include various
types of contact, for example:

* contact languages, e.g. Kriol, youth Aboriginal varieties, mixed languages
* language contact between Aboriginal languages and contact English
varieties e.g. borrowings, calques, code-switching
* contact between different Aboriginal languages (for example from forced
population movement as a result of colonisation).

We hope that the mix of papers reflects all of the work going on in
Australian languages in universities, language centres and community groups
around Australia.

This year we are requesting that presenters send us the title of their
proposed papers, not just an expression of interest.

The deadline for sending us titles is December 10.

The venue will be the UQ Moreton Bay Research Station. There is
accommodation at the research station, and food will be provided. The cost
of the weekend will probably be around $150. Accommodation is also available
in the nearby township of Dunwich.

Getting there: From Brisbane airport allow 2 hours. By train ($23) or taxi
($80) to ferry terminal; then ferry ($15). The research station is walking
distance from the ferry terminal on Stradbroke Island.
More information about the workshop will be available on the School of
Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland
website in early 2011.

Regards Felicity and Myf
(f.meakins at and myfturpin at
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