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Andrew Cunningham at GMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 26 23:41:29 UTC 2010

I'm just wondering if PDF files are suitable as an archival format,
since it is in essence a preprint format rather than an archival

This may be more of a concern with languages written in complex
scripts (including Latin and Cyrillic script languages that need to be
treated as complex scripts), where a PDF document will be
glyph-centric rather than character-centric; affecting searchability,
indexing and text extraction.


On 27 October 2010 04:36, Gary Holton <gmholton at> wrote:
> Here at ANLA we are often faced with the problem of archiving vast
> numbers of digital files in proprietary formats, especially MS Word.
> Does anyone know of a good method for batch converting from, say, .doc
> to .pdf ?

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