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Hi Piers

I would also love to see more language materials published!  We, the
linguists at AIATSIS, will be talking to the Director of Aboriginal
Studies Press and the co-coordinator of AIATSIS Research Publications
about the publication needs for language materials. Hopefully,
e-publications will offer us a solution. We will pass them what everyone
has contributed so far. If you have any other information or suggestions
about e-publications, please let us know. 

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Off the topic: I'd love to see Aboriginal Studies Press expand its range
of eBooks along the lines of ANU E Press. In other words, there is an
editorial or peer-review process to maintain quality for print on demand
titles (free as a pdf). So it's not vanity and you get lots of readers.
I'm a big fan of the concept.A couple of weeks ago I attended an E Press
book launch with no physical book on display at the eventthis was not
even remarked upon as unusual. 

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 10:04 AM, Felicity Meakins <f.meakins at uq.edu.au>

	I would also suggest Batchelor Press. I don't know about
Learner's Guides
	but they do require a subsidy for dictionaries. But it is local,
	and they have some distribution as well as communities in mind.
	The MILR funding round is coming up which could be a good place
to get some
	publication funding from for something like this
	On 19/10/10 6:43 AM, "Rachel Nordlinger"
<racheln at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
	> Hi Claire,
	> You could try Batchelor Press - http://batchelorpress.com/.
I'm not sure
	> whether they take outside submissions, but I know that they're
just about to
	> publish Marri Ngarr, Magati Ge, Marri Tjevin and Marri Ammu
learners guides.
	> Cheers,
	> Rachel
	> On 18/10/10 11:25 PM, "Claire Bowern" <clairebowern at gmail.com>
	>> Hi all,
	>> I'm trying to find a publisher for the Yan-nhangu learner's
	>> (Yan-nhangu's a Yolngu language) and it's turning out of be
	>> difficult! I want to publish it somewhere local if possible,
and I
	>> don't want to use a vanity press.
	>> I've tried IAD press, but they sat on the ms for 18 months
and then
	>> said they would need a subsidy and couldn't start working on
it for 2
	>> years. Then I tried CDU Press; they made positive noises,
then did
	>> nothing for a year, and then decided they couldn't take the
ms after
	>> all). Aboriginal Studies Press don't have a single language
book on
	>> their catalogue so I assume that's a no-go.
	>> Does anyone have suggestions for other publishers to try?
	>> Thanks!
	>> Claire
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