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Daryn McKenny daryn at ACRA.ORG.AU
Fri Aug 17 02:27:59 UTC 2012

Hi Stephen,

I have just checked on my Mac and all is good, it looks like you may actually have some malware on yours which can be doing it. This not uncommon.

Is this being seen in IE ?

Try a different browser i.e. Chrome or Firefox, does it happen there ?

Yu may have acquired something but you need to narrow down some things first.



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Subject: [RNLD] re: Advice, have I got a virus

Dear RNLD list,

I'm hoping someone might know the answer to this.

Following up Nick Thieberger's post about Andrea Berez's templates, I had a bit of a problem.. On my laptop computer (but not the University desktop) on the Documentation Software page, the word templates was in red and underlined twice, and linked to this page:

which is a damned survey.

Later I worked out to click on the blue 'here', but there are several of these double red underlined links on that page and these are linking to commercial ventures. And I've seen it in other places.

Does anybody know what kind of problem this is or how to solve it? Have I acquired a virus maybe? (Despite Kaspersky)

Stephen Morey
Centre for Research on Language Diversity

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