[RNLD] FEL: 2013 Call for Grant Proposals is now OPEN - with new support for Transcription

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From: Nicholas Ostler <nicholas at ostler.net>
Date: 4 December 2013 05:47
Subject: FEL: 2013 Call for Grant Proposals is now OPEN - with new support
for Transcription

The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting proposals for
projects of work that will support, enable or assist the use of one or
more endangered languages. These endangered languages may be anywhere
in the world.

The Foundation is committed to raising awareness of endangered
languages and supporting revitalization and preservation of endangered
languages through all channels and media. The Foundation awards grants
to projects that further its aims as and when its funds permit.

Deadline for submission of proposal:
1 January, 2014
Announcement of the results:
7 February, 2014

Navlipi Stream
This year there is an additional, separate funding stream for FEL
grants, with its own budget, for proposals which specifically involve
transcription and where applicants are willing to use the Navlipi
script (www.navlipi.com) for such transcription. It is understood that
such transcription projects are likely to be more expensive than the
$1,000 maximum set for General awards, and funding awards will reflect
this. Keyboarding software licenses (running under Windows) will be
made available free to award recipients. Naturally, such projects may
not be exclusively concerned with transcription, but may still qualify
if they contain a commitment to use the Navlipi script for significant
transcription tasks.

Note that the transcription component of any of these Navlipi projects
must be available for publication: transcribed materials which are
restricted in what can be published, because of community
sensitivities or for any other reason, will not be eligible for
Navlipi stream funding.

General Stream
Outside the Navlipi stream, there continues to be a General stream of
funding, availble on the same terms as in previous years. Here
priority will be given to projects that focus on the revitalization of
endangered languages and support the use of endangered languages in
various spheres of community life (such as home, education, cultural
and social life). Any such proposals must have a clear relevance to
prospects for language revitalization. Within this General stream,
only an exceptional award will be greater than US $1,000. Smaller
proposals will have a better chance of receiving funding.
For further details, read the Guidance notes. Be sure to read them
before filling in an application form. See also our Manifesto page to
find out more about the Foundation's goals and values.

Conditions and Format for Submission can be found in detail at our website:


1. Only grant proposals from FEL members will be considered. If you
are not currently a member then you will need to join or renew before
applying. Details of how to join are on our Membership page.

2  All proposals must be submitted in our standard format, to ensure
comparability. All applications must state clearly whether they fall
with the Navlipi Stream or the General Stream. All applicants must
submit two documents:
•       an Application Form (AF)
•       a Case for Support (CS)

See the Guidance notes before filling out the Application form and
writing a Case for Support. Applications which do not meet the
requirements outlined in the Guidance will not be considered and will
be returned to the author/s.

Send your message to the following addresses:
•       hakimelnazar at yahoo.comnicholas at ostler.net

In general, it is not necessary to also send us hard copy of files,
but we may request printed versions if we have difficulty reading the

For those without access to electronic communications, printed
documents will also be accepted. Post them, to arrive by 20 December
2013 to:
Nicholas Ostler
Chairman FEL
172 Bailbrook Lane
Bath BA1 7AA
United Kingdom

The grant recipients are expected to submit a copy of their completed
project (in the form of report, video, learning material, dictionary,
etc) to FEL. They will be added to the FEL resources. The projects
will also feature in the FEL website and newsletter.

Comments on Draft Proposals
FEL tries to keep procedures as simple as possible. But we recognize
that they may be difficult for those without training in a western
university. In the case of proposals from communities or community
linguists, FEL is prepared to comment on drafts, and to identify
weaknesses and potential remedies (without prejudice) before the
selection. Such draft proposals clearly marked "DRAFT" should reach
FEL as soon as possible, and no later than 20 December, 2013.

Nicholas Ostler

nicholas at ostler.net
+44 (0)1225-852865, (0)7720-889319

Chairman: Foundation for Endangered Languages
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