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Hello all!

Apologies if you've already received this email through a different
listserv. I'd like to spread the word on an upcoming conference on language
vitality, focusing on sleeping languages and indigenous languages of the
U.S. Gulf South, to be held at Tulane University, in New Orleans,
Louisiana, 7-9 March 2014. I've attached the conference announcement and
call for papers, which I have also pasted at the end of this email. The
conference does not have a webpage, but we can see its info online at its
Linguist List listing:

Please note that although the conference is focusing on sleeping language
and languages of the U.S. Gulf South, we welcome submissions from and
participation of individuals all! We hope this conference will be an
opportunity to bring together linguists, community members, language
professionals, students, and anyone else.

Zach Hebert

Conference on Language Revitalization: Sleeping and Awakened Languages of
the Gulf South

New Orleans, LA, March 7-9, 2014

It is our pleasure to formally invite you to attend the Conference on
Language Revitalization: Sleeping and Awakened Languages of the Gulf
South*. The conference will be held March 7-9, 2014 at Tulane University in
New Orleans. We anticipate a vibrant community of linguists, pedagogues,
materials developers, and leaders.

The conference will include plenary speakers and panels on linguistic
analyses, methodologies and materials for teaching and studying, and
integration of technological tools. Our aim is to incorporate cultural and
linguistic studies to produce tools that can be implemented by people for
their own culture and language in order to strengthen their languages at
any point in the revitalization process. We hope to provide a forum for an
exchange of ideas and practices, materials, revitalization techniques, and
networking opportunities.

Attendees will need to fund their travel and lodging. A light breakfast and
a lunch on March 8th as well as a light breakfast on March 9th will be
provided at the conference. To register or for any questions, please email:
tunicalanguageproject at gmail.com

Unfortunately, Tulane is not in session December 15th, 2013 through January
10th, 2014. Queries made in the interim will be answered as soon as
possible in the new academic year.

Submission Deadline: Jan 31st, 2014
A language dies every two weeks. In Louisiana, two of the original ten
indigenous languages are still spoken in daily communication, but all these
founder populations feel a vital connection to their linguistic and
cultural roots; many have active language revitalization programs either in
place or on the drawing board. This conference* aims to build a community
where indigenous tribe members, linguists, pedagogues, and materials
developers can come together and share experiences, methodologies,
linguistic analyses, and cultural knowledge. Our goal is to share successes
and failures in order to create and improve available resources for
strengthening indigenous languages.

We welcome abstracts on topics related to our panels:
- Methodology for teaching and studying indigenous language
- Archival materials use
- Practical orthographies
 - Analytic software
- Interactive media for language promotion
- Technology in documentation – methods and pitfalls
- Teaching materials
- Linguistic analyses of Gulf Coast languages
- Language revitalization - linguistic, ethnographic, and practical studies

*This is not an exhaustive list and individual papers and/or colloquia on
topics outside these remits are warmly welcomed.*

* Sponsored by the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South and the Tulane
Linguistics Program

Abstracts should be submitted in English, but presentations can be in any
language. We particularly welcome presentations in languages of the region.
Authors may submit no more than one individual and one joint proposal.

ABSTRACTS ARE DUE BY Jan 31st, 2014 with notification of acceptance by Feb
17th, 2014

We ask for ABSTRACTS OF 400 WORDS and a 50 WORD SUMMARY for inclusion in
the conference program. All abstracts will be submitted to blind peer

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL BY EMAIL: tunicalanguageproject at gmail.com
PAPERS will be allowed 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of question time.

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: tunicalanguageproject at gmail.com
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