[RNLD] Sound files on Toolbox

Alan Buseman alan_buseman at SIL.ORG
Wed Jan 30 21:56:05 UTC 2013

Dear Cindy,

I don't know how Lexique Pro handles paths, but Toolbox should allow any
path. Here is a quote from the help file topic "Play File":

"You can set the default folder that will be used for a file name that
contains no path information. To do this, enter the full path in front
of a file name and choose play file or play sound. Toolbox remembers
that path and automatically uses it for any file name that does not
include a path."

You can of course enter full explicit paths in front of all sound file
names, but the default system described above is designed to allow
you to use just file names without paths. In order for it to set the
default it has to actually find the file path you give it.

It may be that your problem is that it is defaulting to a place on
the C: drive. If you play one file with a full path referring to the
D: drive, as described above, it should work, and it should default
to the D: path after that. I believe that the default path is stored
in the settings and so should be remembered for future Toolbox runs.

Hope this helps,
Toolbox support

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013 08:16:45 +1100
 Cindy Schneider <cschnei3 at une.edu.au> wrote:
>Dear RNLDers
>I useToolbox/Lexique Pro for my dictionary database and have figured out how to insert
>pictures and sound files into the dictionary entry. My computer's hard drive has only a
>limited amount of space and so I was planning on storing all the .wav files on an
>external hard drive. However I have discovered that if the sound files are stored on the
>D drive, then Toolbox/Lexique Pro doesn't seem to be able to read them. It only plays
>the sound file when it's moved onto the C drive. Does anyone know a way around this?
>Thanks for your help

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