[RNLD] re: Resources for picture dictionary; photographs or high quality drawings of objects

Doug Cooper doug.cooper.thailand at GMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 5 10:05:17 UTC 2013

Hi, Stephen:
Try flickr (you'll want to set Advanced Search to allow only CC images),
e.g. items including the word "Tangsa" gets 12,000+ hits:

For flora/fauna/specific things, try Wikimedia Commons via a regular Wikipedia 
search -- if it's there, it has some kind of re-use license; e.g.

   Be well,

On 3/5/2013 3:47 PM, Stephen Morey wrote:
> Dear RNLD list,
> I am at present in Guwahati, Assam, with Rev. L.M. Yanger Thungwa and we are
> compiling a dictionary of his language, the Chamchang (Kimsing) variety of
> Tangsa. Some years ago, Rev. Yanger worked on a pictorial glossary using
> resources produced by the Central Institute of Indian Languages. This was a
> picture book with pictures of body parts, animals, fruits, objects, natural
> phenomena etc. He has asked me to scan this book so the images can be used for
> making a dictionary, but I am sure that much better on-line digital resources
> are available. Can anyone advise where we can get photographs or scanned
> drawings for the purpose of making picture dictionaries. Of course we realise
> that objects unique to Tangsa culture will need to drawn separately, but most
> of the objects needed in the dictionary are common to all cultures. Can anyone
> help us.
> Stephen
> Stephen Morey
> Australian Research Council Future Fellow
> Centre for Research on Language Diversity
> La Trobe University

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