[RNLD] Looking for audio samples from extinct languages

Steven Bird stevenbird1 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 6 22:33:04 UTC 2013

My students and I are in the process of developing an open source Android
app to support oral language documentation activities. I think it would be
highly motivating for our participants if the app was already loaded with a
handful of recordings for extinct languages that they could listen to. Does
anyone have materials they could share with us please? We would need to be
able to redistribute the files using the app.

We'd ideally .wav files, no more than a few minutes long, identified with a
title, ISO language code, and the names of any people that should be

Note that the app is free, and a prototype is already available (look for
"Aikuma" on Google Play).

Thanks very much,
-Steven Bird
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