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Dear RNLDers,

Australia's Minister for the Arts Simon Crean has just launched *Creative
Australia, National Cultural Policy. *The policy can be downloaded here <

*The Executive Summary (p. 19) notes that
" There is much work to be done to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander cultures and promote their unique place in national life. Language
is key to culture, and we have a responsibility as a nation to preserve the
hundreds of languages used in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
communities. Following a major parliamentary inquiry which set out the task
to be undertaken, the Government is updating its National Indigenous
Languages Policy to tackle this head on. The protection and promotion of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are part of a broader
action agenda to reinforce the centrality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander cultural expression throughout the arts. This central role shapes
and reinforces Australia’s unique national cultural identity as home to one
of the world’s oldest living cultures which are also creating some of the
most dynamic and inspiring contemporary art work."

Actions include:

• Providing *$13.983 million in new funding over four years* to develop
community-driven language resources and activities, as an extension of the
Indigenous Languages Support program.

• Continuing supplementary funding of $11.26 million over four years to
continue the successful Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support Program.

• Providing a framework to strengthen the Indigenous visual arts industry
with the development of the 2012 Indigenous Art Centre Plan.

• *Updating the National Indigenous Languages Policy.*

• Development of a new nationally-accredited training package, to enhance
the knowledge, flexibility and skills-base of people working in the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts industries, which will
build on the Government’s existing investment through the Indigenous
Employment Initiative and the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support

• Supporting the $1.1 million Screen Australia Media RING Indigenous
Employment Strategy fto create 40 new jobs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples in the media and screen industries over the two years of
the strategy.

• Continuing the support for the Resale Royalty for Visual Artists Scheme,
with the provision of $0.7 million in 2012.

• *Developing a policy framework to respect and protect Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander peoples’ Traditional Cultural Expressions* and
seeking to work across government to build understanding of its goals and

• Support for the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander free-to-air
television channel NITV which is now part of the Special Broadcasting

• *Provision of $12.8 million to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Studies for the digitisation of their collections*.

• Funding of $30.6 million for the new Australian Centre for Indigenous
Knowledge and Education at Charles Darwin University.

This is an exciting day for Indigenous languages and cultures in Australia.

kind regards,

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