[RNLD] Things people speak?

Joshua Nash joshua.nash at ADELAIDE.EDU.AU
Thu Nov 14 06:30:28 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Once again in the interests of self-promotion (heck, if I didn't get a Discovery or DECRA I gotta get some kudos, right?) there are two recently published discussion papers in Language Sciences relevant to the metalinguistics of language loss and language documentation.

The first paper 'Linguistic diversity and language loss: a view from integrational linguistics' by Jon Orman levels an integrationist critique of what (a) language is, and whether languages exist at all, and thus whether they can be 'saved':


The second paper is Nash's response to Orman's initial paper plus Orman's rejoinder 'Things people speak?: a response to Orman’s ‘Linguistic diversity and language loss: a view from integrational linguistics’ with rejoinder:


I am happy to provide pdf copies of both papers to anyone off list.

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