[RNLD] Puliima 2013 - Huge thanks to the RNLD List and Crew, and to the Linguistics in the Pub attendees.

Daryn McKenny daryn at ACRA.ORG.AU
Thu Sep 12 00:16:00 UTC 2013

We still have not been able to take a breather since coming back from Melbourne as so much is still happening, but we must take an important time out for a moment.

So here we go,

Thank you to the RNLD List members for putting up with our Puliima notices. The list and yourselves have helped spread the word about the Puliima Conference which was recently held in Melbourne, with over 200 people attending over 5 days of events it was certainly our biggest and best yet.

RNLD if you were not aware was this year an official sponsor for this event, their contribution started on the Monday and went for two full days to deliver training in Master and Apprentice and DRIL alongside of VACL and ourselves delivering Peetyawan Weeyn and technology classes. This was an experiment to see if this concept of training options leading in to the conference would gain some attendance, I was expecting possibly 5, maybe 10 people at the most to travel and commit to  two extra days on top of the conference days, reality was we had over 45 people register and attend with all classes full. What an outstanding result!

RNLD's  "A Team" then stepped up the contribution for another two full days assisting us with keeping the conference running as smoothly as possible :)

Also I can not mention and thank enough Ruth Singer and the "Linguistics in the Pub" students for helping us start the social gatherings on the Tuesday evening and becoming part of this 'Puliima Week', we filled the whole floor at the Colonial Hotel and even had to bring in more tables and chairs for this LIP event, hopefully we helped set an attendance record. More importantly I am sure some good discussion did happen whether on topic or off.

So to everyone at RNLD, RNLD List and LIP, thank you.

If you are on Facebook and haven't yet, please check out the Puliima Facebook page for some fantastic photos which were taken, they really do capture what it was like if you missed it.



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